Logline for our upcoming comic book series!

Hi guys,

This is a brand new page with pretty much no content but in a month or two we will begin sharing content related to a brand new comic book mini-series we are producing along with an incredibly talented and established team of international artists.

The ‘high concept’ for this five part mini-series:

Bladerunner and Almost Human meet V for Vendetta.

The basic logline:

In a future where death is not always the end, a heartbroken Aboriginal-Australian, whose country has been decimated by a techno-plague, challenges the world’s most powerful corporation in a clash to save his people from almost certain extinction.

Okay enough hints for now 🙂

We’re still unsure whether this series will be pitched to a company to publish or whether we will take the self-publishing route.

Although we’re deep into the art production phase, we will keep the main details of this series quiet for the time-being. We will though share some articles about the entire production process.

Thanks to everyone for their amazing support of this project. I’ve been working on this for almost a year now but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Christian Carnouche
Creator and Writer