Check out my interview on the Creator Talks podcast!

Check out Christian Carnouche‘s appearance on one of our favourite podcasts –
Creator Talks:

Creator Talks Podcast – Christian Carnouche and The Resurrected

He and Christopher Calloway had a really fun chat about Christian’s comic #TheResurrected, the importance of an editor (yay for Erica Schultz ), comic book promotion, the research that went into writing an Indigenous-Australian protagonist & of course vintage Star Wars.

Massive thank you to all of the collaborators CrizamSalvatore Aiala & Erica on The Resurrected:)

Central Park in Sydney – inspiration for the Nova Lucis landscape

I was in Sydney for a couple of weeks, having a bit of a break from comic book scriptwriting and Kickstarter prep. The weather was spectacular.

This is my new favourite building in Sydney and is right next to where I spent a good chunk of my youth. It is also served as one of the references for some of the beautiful Nova Lucis buildings designed by Crizam Zamora for our comic, THE RESURRECTED.