From pencils to colours: The Resurrected artistic process

We finally have the chance to reveal some art process shots for our comic book series ‘The Resurrected,‘ pencilled and inked by artist Crizam Zamora, coloured by Salvatore Aiala and written by myself, Christian Carnouche.

Check out our logline if you want to know what the series is all about:


We’ve isolated one panel to illustrate the process from the very first pencil outlines (which are quite detailed compared to what a lot of other artists provide for their outlines), to the inking – where these outlines are fleshed out, and finally to the colours. This panel won’t be complete until the dialogue/narration bubbles are added by our letterer.

It is quite common in comics that changes are made during the artistic process, as you can see with this panel. In the pencilled page, the imprisoned Indigenous are standing in front of some trees, while – for the sake of clarifying the story’s chronology, we decided to replace this background in the inked page with a prison.

I know I’m a little biased but I’m absolutely stoked with the magic Criz and Sal have weaved into this panel, and the rest of the story for that matter.


Comic book writing experience #1- Get business cards!

Welcome to the first installment in my series of blog posts, in no specific order, that will highlight the various issues and obstacles on the road to creating my first ever comic book series. I’m not necessarily trying to advise other creators, I’m simply sharing my own experiences and thoughts and you guys can take from it what you like.

Last week I finally had some business cards printed off for our company ‘Carnouche Productions.’ While this might seem like an inane update to most, I’m absolutely stoked! As a writer, It can be pretty tough being patient while the art team produces the pages for your comic, so little things like business cards, flyers and banners can be relatively exciting…

I’m extremely happy with how they turned out. We used our company logo produced by Shannon (aka ‘Dmote‘ – Our new company logo – courtesy of ‘Dmote’ ) and the card itself was designed by another friend – Patrick Cornelis – the Belgian creator of the awesome comic ‘Virus: Primary Infection.’ Check out his website:

Pangolin Comics

So why would we bother printing up a business card when I’m yet to actually publish the comic? In the months leading up to the publication of a comic, it’s important to promote the book as much as possible in the hope of securing as many pre-orders as you can before the pages are sent to the printing press. I go to a lot of conventions and visit loads of comic book stores, and when I do, I often chat about my work in progress with other creators and the comic book shop owners and staff. I’ve been asked for my business card quite a few times at conventions and I’m always a little embarrassed to not have one. So now I do! I was at the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht last weekend and managed to give a few cards out already.Hopefully my card will successfully point people towards my site and Twitter/Facebook pages in preparation for the launch of the book.